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Technology Donations

Specifications for Acceptance of Donated Equipment

Desktop & Laptop Computers:

Equipment must be manufactured by Dell which has been defined as the District standard for new computer purchases for overall standardization, support, and repair purposes. The computer must be three years old or less (based on manufacture date).

The minimum technical specifications are set forth in order that the computer be capable of running Windows 7 and above, in a satisfactory manner, with no modifications or upgrades required; be able to be remotely supported with District technology; and be a make/model/configuration that the District can support with the imaging process.  At this time we require 4 GB of RAM as a minimum.


Dell computers must be a Dell OptiPlex 790/7010/9020/390/3010 for desktops and Dell Latitude E5520/E5530/Latitude 14/E5480/Latitude 15/ E5550/E6430/E6530/E7450/E7250 for laptops. The systems must have Intel Processors, have at least 4GB of RAM, have a VGA/DVI adapter/card, and must be the full-size systems, not the small form factor models (with the exception of the Dell OptiPlex 9020s and Dell OptiPlex 3050s, which will be accepted in the SFF model).



We highly recommend that money, NOT devices, be donated.  This allows OUSD to track the devices and ensures the devices are eligible for repair. The site will be required to purchase a management license for each of the Chromebooks donated or purchased with donated funds.


Apple Devices:

OUSD is identified as a corporate institution, by Apple, and we can only register devices that we purchase or that have been purchased by other corporate institutions. We CANNOT register devices purchased by individuals, Foundations, or PTAs, etc.  Without being able to register them, as OUSD devices, we cannot provide the same functionality and security that we do for OUSD purchased devices.  Monetary donations, for the purchase of specific equipment, is highly recommended.



No printers will be accepted as donations.



Must be flat panels, not CRTs, and must be a minimum screen size of 19”.



  • Please work directly with the OUSD Technology & Information Services department before accepting any donations.
  • If a site receives a donation of acceptable technology hardware, the site must fill out all applicable donation forms.
  • The site will also need to submit a Help Ticket to have the equipment tagged and etched as OUSD property. OUSD Technology & Information Services will not provide support for any items not asset tagged as OUSD property.  OUSD Technology & Information Services will not provide/support any upgrades or repairs to donated equipment.
  • Equipment is donated to the District and/or a specific school site and cannot be donated to a specific person or room.  Equipment will not be moved from site to site.  Staff members may not remove donated equipment if they leave OUSD.