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Reynolds Elementary Project Update

March 1, 2023


This week we held meetings to notify families and staff at Reynolds Elementary about the results of mandatory soil tests that were conducted as part of the campus modernization project. 


It has been determined that the soil’s condition at Reynolds Elementary is not suitable for the planned construction.  Several tests revealed soil liquefaction. Soil liquefaction is a loss of ground strength that causes the soil to temporarily behave like a liquid. During an earthquake this could cause buildings to sink and incur other damages. 


A team of engineers have examined the campus and determined the buildings are structurally safe, however, they do not meet current code standards that have changed since the school was built in 1986.  


There are measures that have been proposed that would help to mitigate the liquefaction. But there is no fix that guarantees the safety of students and staff. Therefore it will be recommended that the Board of Education close the school and move students to other nearby campuses. 


To give this matter full consideration the Board will hold a special meeting and take action on:


Date: Monday March 13

Time: 6pm

Location: Chávez Middle School 

202 Oleander Dr. 



You can view the presentation we shared with staff and families.