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Secretary Handbook

Account Number Reference Guide

Account Numbers - Distribution of Discretionary Documents

AESOP - Procedures for Obtaining Certificated Substitute Teachers

Amazon - Costco PO Procedures 10-11-11.doc

Attendance Boundary Maps Information

Attendance & Procedures Manual 2011-12

Bilingual Community Relations Liaison

Child Welfare and Intervention Programs

Claims - Complaints - Memo of Explanation

Classified Employee Personnel Information

CSEA Contract - Article 16 - Safety Conditions

Field Trip Memo


Insurance Office Information

Jury Duty Procedures

Maintenance and Operations Staff

Notice to Employees

Nutrition Services Office Personnel

Office Depot Personal Orders

OTA Contract - Article 17

Payroll Info / Instructions

Property Loss - Site and District Responsibility

SARB School Site Responsibilities

School Sponsored Trip - Principal's Checklist 

School Sponsored Trip - Secretaries Checklist

Single Day /Field Trip Request Checklist

Special Education Director - Program Specialist

Special Education Support Staff Duties 

Specially Funded Program Responsibility List Memo

Student Services Support Staff

Substitute Teacher - Procedures in Aesop for Obtaining

Transitional Students - Procedures

Transportation by Private Vehicle

Trip Conference Guidelines 03.09.2016.pdf

Trip Conference Pocket Travel Guide 03 09 2016.pdf

Truancy Intervention Plan 

Truancy Report and Referral Process (SARB)  

Warehouse Catalog

Warehouse Delivery Schedule

Warehouse Mail Delivery Schedule

Weekly Absence Report Checklist 


Absence - Weekly Check Off List

Absence Report - Individual Employee

Absence Report - Weekly

Authorization For Use Or Disclosure Of Health Info

Authorization to Carry Medication on Self Form

Budget Transfer

Business Card Order Form

(Qty. 250 = $28 + tax.  Qty. 500 = $40.00 + tax)

Caregiver Authorization / Affidavit - English

Caregiver Authorization / Affidavit - Spanish

Catastrophic Leave Bank Donation Form

Catastrophic Leave Request

Certificated Extra Hours / Extended Day Timesheet

Certificated Sub Evaluation

Claim against OUSD

Classified Sub Evaluation

Classified Timesheet

Complaint Concerning District Employee

Deferred Jury Duty Timesheet

District Vehicle Use Form

Employee Claim for Reimbursement for Loss, Damage, or Destruction of Personal Property

Employee Claim for Reimbursement for Loss, Damage, or Destruction of Vehicle

Expense Claim

Fundraising Event Profit

Independent Contractor's Agreement

Leave of Absence Request - Certificated Employee

Local Mileage Report

Medical Release for Extracurricular Activities/English 10-09 revised

Medical Release for Extracurricular Activities/Spanish 10-09 revised

Media Release Form - English

Media Release Form - Spanish

Medical Information Release Form

Medication Taken by Student at School Form - Elementary

Medication Taken by Student at School Form - Middle & High School

Personal Property of an Employee at a District Work-Site

Personal Vehicle Use

Predesignated Physician

Print Shop Request

Publicity Request Form

Purchase Requisition

Reimbursement Request

Return to Work for Non-Industrial/Non-Work Related Employee Illnesses/Injuries

SARB Referral Form

School Bus Evacuation & Safety Instruction 

School Sponsored Trip Request Form

Shared Residency - English

Student Accident Report

Student Checkout and Transfer for K-5

Theft - Damage - Vandalism Report

Transitional Affadavit

Trip/Conference Request

Work Order Request

Worker's Compensation Instructions for reporting

Worker's Compensation Authorization for Medical Treatment

Worker's Compensation Claim Form (DWC 1) rev. 1/1/2016
Worker's Compensation Claim Withdrawal Form

Worker's Compensation Incident Employee Report

Worker's Compensation Incident Supervisor Report

Worker's Compensation Benefits and Procedures

Worker's Compensation Prime Advantage MPN Notice

Worker's Compensation Modified Timesheet 
Worker's Compensation - Request for Forms

Worker's Compensation - Temporary Pharmacy Card

Workshop Preparation Worksheet 2010/11 tish