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Lecturer/Performer Agreement

The Lecturer/Performer Agreement is to be used for single appearance or limited run engagements, such as an assembly.  A Lecturer/Performer does not typically work directly with students.

Examples of uses for this agreement are:

  • DJ
  • Performance
  • Assembly
  • Lecture

Use these forms for Lecturer/Performer Agreements

These forms must be completed by the supplier and/or site:

Lecturer Performer agreement.pdf

IRS Guidelines.pdf


If services will include direct contact with students, this form is also required:

Consultant Certification Form.pdf


Once the above forms are completed, please send to the ESS for signature (if paid from categorical funds) or to Daniela Beltrán in Fiscal Services.


All purchases and contracts entered into by District staff must include submission of a requisition in PeopleSoft.  Services/supplies cannot begin until a Purchase Order is generated by Purchasing.  Please enter a requisition into PeopleSoft with a 5800000 object code.  The requisition will be completely approved and the purchase order will be issued only when the above forms have been completed and approved.


After services are rendered, if supplier does not have their own invoice to submit, they can fill one out here:

Invoice for Services.pdf