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Trip Conferences


Trip Conference Procedure

Complete the appropriate documents when a staff member requests to attend a convention, conference, workshop, or seminar. Missing or incomplete documents will result in a delay in the trip conference process.

Trip Conference Form

Registration-Online/Paper Form

♦Register attendee for the conference. Preferred method of payment is purchase order.

     •For online registration, if a purchase order number is required, use the number on the paper requisition that will be completed.

♦Print registration.

♦Print the informational flyer for the event.

♦Submit at least 6-8 weeks prior to the date of the event.

Registration - Complete Paper Requisition Form #9-146

♦Complete using the printed registration.

     •Vendor/supplier information located top left.


       ¤Name of convention, conference, workshop, or seminar

       ¤Date of event

       ¤Location of event (city/state)


       ¤Method of payment (PO/credit card/ check)

       ¤Payment deadline

     •Price per attendee/quantity/total.

     •Account number.

     •Rational for expenditure.

     •Administrator's signature; if categorical program, obtain the Director's signature

     •Attach registration and informational flyer


♦Attendee needs to book and pay for their flight.

     •Once you receive your approved TC form, make a copy and complete bottom portion for flight only. It is the only expense that can be reimbursed before the event occurs.

     •Attach flight documentation that includes proof that payment was made.

     •Attendee and Administrator's signatures are required.

Lodging - Complete Paper Requisition Form #9-146

♦Normally allowed for trips exceeding 75 miles from the employee's worksite.

♦Less than 75 files must be approved in advance by the Superintendent's designee.

♦Attendees are responsible to make their own reservations with their credit card to hold the room.

♦Fiscal Services will change the credit card to the District credit card.

♦Complete the paper requisition:

      •Vendor/supplier information at top left.


       ¤Dates of stay

       ¤Cost per night, number of nights, total

       ¤Confirmation number(s)

       ¤Attendees' names

       ¤Account number

       ¤Rational for expenditure

       ¤Administrator's signature; if categorical program, obtain the Director's signature

       ¤Attach printed hotel confirmation


♦Calculate round trip using Google Maps, be sure to click round trip.

♦On regularly scheduled workdays the round trip mileage can't exceed the mileage from the attendee's worksite.

     •If an employee begins or ends a trip at their worksite, reimbursable mileage will be the mileage from the work site to the destination.

     •If an employee begins or ends their trip at their worksite, reimbursable mileage will be the lesser of:

        -The mileage from the employee's residence to their destination minus daily commuting mileage; OR

        -When travel originates from your home, subtract your normal round trip commuting miles from the total miles associated with the  trip.

♦Multiply by the IRS mileage rate which is updated by the IRS every January 1st.

     •Calendar year 2020 is $0.575 per mile.

Trip Conference Request Form #9-156

♦Complete the portions that pertains to this event.

♦Always complete the top portion, names/dates/event information).


    •If Fiscal Services needs to complete the process check yes.

♦Meals - If trip qualifies, attendees will be reimbursed up to $55 per day.

       ¤Breakfast $15.00 - I travel begins before 6 a.m.

       ¤Lunch      $15.00 - Only if overnight travel is approved. Lunch purchased as part of the conference registration fee is allowed.

       ¤Dinner     $25.00 - If travel ends after 7:00 p.m. or departure for overnight travel begins before 6 p.m.

♦Lodging-Enter the cost.



♦Mileage-Dollar amount.

♦Total all costs.

♦Administrator's signature; if categorical program, obtain the Director's signature too.

Packet Submission

♦Submit in the following order.

     •Trip/Conference Request Form.

     •Air expense claim and documentation.

     •Registration paper requisition and documents.

     •Lodging paper requisition and documents.

     •Keep a copy of all of the paper requisitions, and documentation.

♦Send the packet.

     •Paid from a categorical program-send to the corresponding director for signature.

     •Paid from site funds - send to Fiscal Services Department. 

After Fiscal Services has processed the request

♦An email with instructions will be sent to you from the Purchasing Department once the event has occurred.

♦If the attendee has expenses to be reimbursed have them complete the bottom portion of the Trip Conference Form.

Trip Conference Form, out of pocket travel reimbursement claim

♦Complete after the trip has been made.

♦Receipts are not required for meals. However, please report the amount that was spent on each meal, if needed.

♦Multiply by the IRS mileage rate which is updated by the IRS every January 1st.

     •Calendar year 2018 is 54.5 ¢ per mile.

♦Attach Google Map.

♦Claimant sign and date.

♦Site Administration sign and date, if funded by the site. ESS signature needed, if funded by location 200.

♦Submit with documentation to Fiscal Services Department.

Here is more information regarding Trip Conference Guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding trip conferences, please contact Christopher Altstatt at x4427 or

2017 Year-End Deadlines

Friday, May 5, 2017

Last day to enter PeopleSoft Requisitions


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Last day to enter Office Depot Just-In-Time, requisitions for apps, Amazon orders


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Last day to submit Warehouse Stock Orders, Requests for Reimbursement, Mileage Reimbursement, Trip Conference Expense Claims