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To submit questions please email one of our Tech TOSA


Andy Domingo 

iPad Support Locker

iPad FAQ

FAQ from Teachers about iPad classroom 1:1 deployment


What do I do if an iPad breaks? 

Submit a help ticket from the Rapid Identity Portal.  If it is determined to be broken, the technician will take it to be repaired or replaced.  At 1:1 schools replacement iPads will be supplied.


When a student moves to another school, what is the procedure? 

iPads are treated the same as library books.  They must be checked back into the library before leaving the school.  Currently, no iPads will be taken home.  The teacher can also take the iPad back to the library for the student.


What if an iPad is lost or stolen? 

Since these iPads are remaining at school and the district has the ability to “brick” the iPad, we are not concerned with theft.  If one does disappear we can turn on location services and report it stolen to the police.


How do I charge the iPads? 

Power outlets will be provided.  You will need to work with your tech to find the optimal charging configuration for your room.


How do I store the iPads?

There will be options presented to you. You can choose the option which best suits your class environment.


Can you recommend any apps that do the teaching so I can take a break? 

No. There are no apps that take the place of a teacher.


Why are there so many wireless access points? Which one should the students use?

Student iPads will be on their own network. Students do not need to log in with a district device.  We are in the process of creating a Staff and Student Network which can be used for personal devices.


Can the student issued "email addresses" be used to registered for web based sites like Khan Academy?

Students already have emails. These emails are highly restrictive. The site domains for survives need to be white listed by Nathan Huggins before students can register with third party vendors. Please submit a help ticket request  if you need instructions or help getting students on to their email.


What happens to the apps that have been purchased for the iPads 2? Can they be transferred to the new iPads?

Apps can't be pulled off older devices and installed on new iPads. In the future, the iPad 4s will have this ability.


What is the policy for lost, missing, or broken iPads?

The same as for textbooks, these are instructional materials. Currently these iPads will be under adult supervision. If an accident happens the iPad can be replaced. If It is an intentional or repeated breakage by a student this is a disciplinary issue.  The consequences are to be determined by the site administration.



How is the district supporting us? 

In addition to meetings and coaching for the teachers, we will provide resources to help you and your teachers feel comfortable using these tools with students.  If you need feel you need more support please contact one of the Tech TOSAs. Our goal is for your site to build capacity to provide internal support and coaching in addition to the Tech TOSAs.


How are apps vetted? 

Apps are vetted first by principals then conformed for use by all students by the Tech TOSAs.  Teachers are expected to do a little research on their own to see if the desired app really meets their instructional goal. Once an app is vetted for the district it will be uploaded to all student iPads.  Feel free to delete any that don't meet your needs.


When is the acceptable use policy going to be in place?

There is a draft which is going to the Board soon. Many of the guidelines for digital citizenship and acceptable use can be found at Common Sense Media



Are there protections on the devices from inappropriate content? 

There are district filters on the network and if the iPad leaves the network is has the same filters.


How will technology be integrated into the learning environment?

iPads are a tool to enhance student centered learning. These tools will not be in use every minute of every day, they will be used to meet core instructional goals of the teacher.  For more information please contact your student's teacher.


Will my child’s personal information be shared with app developers?

No, the email that students use to register for apps simply uses our internal ID number.  Their names and other sensitive information are not shared.