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Chain of Communication

We know there are times when issues come up that need to be resolved. OUSD has created a chain of communication that allows for an efficient resolution process. Please read below to see who to contact first if you have an issue you would like to address. 

Please note, for complaints regarding unlawful discrimination or violations of state or federal laws as they relate to education, visit OUSD's Uniform Complaint Procedures page.


Chain of Communication for Oceanside Unified

Who do I call with a question or suggestion?

The Oceanside Unified School District has developed communication protocols  to promote direct, open and respectful interactions so that problems and  concerns can be worked out quickly and efficiently.  

The community communication protocol starts with the staff member closest to  the situation, as that person will usually have the most information. At times,  additional personnel are required to resolve specific situations. Appropriate  communication channels for a variety of topics are listed below.  

Directory to connect to appropriate department at the District Office 

Find Chain of Communications Below for Each Topic