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School Board Elections

In the November 2018 elections, voters of the Oceanside Unified School District elected school board members in by-trustee-area elections.  The district was divided into five trustee areas with a balanced number of residents in each area. 

Every decade when the Census is released, the Board must review the new Census data on the current Trustee Area map to ensure population balance across each area. In the January 2022 meeting, the Board voted on an adjusted map, that was determined to be balanced by the demographer, to serve as the District’s Trustee Area map until the release of the 2030 Census in 2031.

A detailed map of the trustee areas is available for download. 

Current Board Seats

Area 1 Nancy Licona -- term expires 2026

Area 2 Eleanor Evans -- term expires 2024

Area 3 Stacy Begin -- term expires 2026

Area 4 Raquel Alvarez -- term expires 2026

Area 5 Mike Blessing -- term expires 2024