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New OUSD procedures and forms will be in place for the 2019-2020 school year.


Renee Fernandez
Use of Facilities Office

Colette Leyva
Business Services Dept.

Fundraising in OUSD

Fundraising Procedures

In order to fundraise for an OUSD school site, there are procedures that must be followed:

  1. Submit the Authorization to Fundraise packet
  2. Submit Use of Facilities applications
  3. Hold fundraiser
  4. Deposit funds into organization's bank account
  5. Donate funds or goods to school site
  6. After the donation, inform families of how much was raised and how it was spent.

Tips and Best Practices

Here are some tips and best practices for successful fundraising:

  • Car washes are not permitted on OUSD grounds due to storm drain requirements and regulations.
  • Avoid potentially dangerous and unsafe activities such as dunk tanks, pie in the face, etc.
  • Emphasize fundraisers that support the whole group, student body, grade level.
  • Be broader and scope and more inclusive.
  • Food items may not be sold on campus between the hours of midnight and 30 minutes after school dismissal.
  • No door-to-door sales by students under the age of 16 unless part of a team or pair, and supervised by an adult.
  • Ensure the fundraising activities are voluntary and not required for student participation in school activities.
  • Governing board members should be the designated receivers of cash payments during activities.
  • Have a governing board member collect funds and another governing member count funds.
  • Avoid carrying over large amounts of funds from one year to the next, unless approved for use for a large project.
  • Spend the current year's funds on the current year's students.