• Kindergarten Registration 2022-2023

    Pre-Registration for 2022-2023 Kindergarten is now open! Parents must begin the registration process through the Aeries Online Enrollment Portal.

    California Kindergarten Readiness Act, Senate Bill 1381 (2010): a child must turn 5 years old on or before September 1

    Upon completion of the online enrollment, gather the following documents to bring into our school office:

    1. Aeries online enrollment confirmation packet (printed and signed)

    2. Birth certificate

    3. Immunization records

    4. Two current (within 2 month) proofs of residency (utility bill, mortgage/rental agreement) or something that would change/turn off if you moved.


    Please note: If your child is currently enrolled in OUSD in Preschool or Transitional Kindergarten, you should not complete the Aeries Online Enrollment pre-registration. You will be asked to do a Data Confirmation in August.


    School Entry Health Exam Requirement:

    A CHDP physical examination is required for all students entering first grade. However, it is strongly recommended that your child has the CHDP physical before entering Kindergarten. If completed prior to Kindergarten, this exam will count toward the first grade physical, and will give your child a head start should there be any problems such as vision or hearing difficulties.

    School Entry Health Exam Form



    If you have any questions, please contact the school office: (760) 901-7300

  •  Transitional Kindergarten and State Preschool


    Transitional Kindergarten 

    Del Rio will be offering TK in the 2022-2023 school year! 

    Your child must turn 5 years old between July 2, 2022 and February 2, 2023 to be eligible for TK. For questions, contact Briana Muro at briana.muro-gaona@oside.us in the front office.

    As a reminder, Transitional Kindergarten Hours will change in September. When school begins, hours for TK will be 8:15am-11:35am

    Please complete the Aeries Online Enrollment and upload any supporting documents (birth Certficate, Immunization Records, IEP, Proof of Residence)

    State Preschool

    OUSD's State Preschool Program is currently accepting applications for the 2022-2023 School Year. Please visit the State Prechool webpage for more information about eligibility. 


    Please contact Martina Boeck in the Preschool Department at Martina.Boeck@oside.us if you have questions about the program.

    **All enrollment in the Preschool program must be done at the Educational Support Services **