ASB is the Associated Student Body, the ASB plans events, assemblies, dances, and field trips for all students on campus. The ASB is comprised of students who run for office, campaign for a chosen position, and are elected by the student body. The representatives work to plan fun and engaging activities for all students at CCMS to participate in. ASB students also participate in leadership lessons, leadership conferences and development days, run meetings and make important decisions for the betterment of all students on campus. Students in ASB are leaders and role models to their peers. 


    2021-2022 Associated Student Body

    President- Kailani C

    Vice President- Jacqueline A

    Secretary- Grace H

    Treasurer- Gracie W

    Welcoming Team Director- Naomi M

    Publicity Director- Ashley R AND Kailey S (tie!)

    Community Service Director- Ava B

    Members at Large: Delilah S, Gunner F, Victoria Ann G, Jadealyn C, Samantha N, and Kaylee L

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    Get your ASB activities card, its $25 and it gets you:

    • Special Assemblies
    • Discounts on field trips
    • Discounts on many items sold at the Cougar Store
    • Free Admission to all school dances
    • No fees for school sports and more things to come...


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    Melodee Morgan - ASB & 6th - 7th Language Arts 


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  • 2021 - 2022 ASB Spirit Days - 1st Semester

    Spirit Days are on Fridays and ASB will gather points from participating classes.

    The class with the highest percentage of participation will win!


    All school dress code rules apply, please check the student handbook or ask a staff member before wearing something in question...



    Spirit Day


    August 20

    School Colors Day

    Wear our COUGAR colors- black, gray, purple

    September 3

    Throwback Day

    Dress in anything from the past- you pick the decade

    September 17

    Stuffed Animal Day

    We can’t bring our real pets so today is our stuffed animal day

    October 1

    Character Day

    Dress up like a character from a movie, show, book, etc...

    October 15

    Diversity Day

    Wear or bring something to show your heritage and culture

    October 29

    Halloween Costume Day

    Wear your Halloween costume (no masks, gore, blood, weapons)

    November 12

    Fall Colors Day

    Wear any fall colors you can put together today (brown, orange, yellow, sage green…)

    December 3

    Wacky Sweater Day

    Wacky, silly, crazy sweaters should be pulled out of the closet for this fun sweater day 

    December 17

    PJ Day

    We are almost to winter break and cozy and comfy PJs will be in style on this spirit day


    Mark your calendars, add these dates to your student planner/agenda, and post this somewhere at home to remember these fun days! Winning classes will get a prize!