Reporting Absences

  • Good attendance is essential to academic success. We expect and encourage parents to make sure their child arrives on time and attends regularly.

    If your child is absent from school, please email at and provide the following information:

    • Your Child's Name - First Last (legal last name please)
    • Teacher's Name
    • Specific Reason for Absence (illness, doctors/dentist appointments and or personal)
    •  Anticipated Length of Absence


    Important Information

    • Absences must be cleared with the office within 5 days of the absence. Those absences not cleared within 5 days will remain Unexcused.
    • You may also send a note with your child giving the reason for the absence. Please have the student report to the Office and give the note to the office staff and/or health clerk. Some notes are forgotten in backpacks. Suggestion: If a student has seen a medical professional, request a note to return to school for the office records.
    • Every student is allowed 3 personal excused absences in a school year.
    • If your child is sick for three or more days due to illness, please bring a doctor's note to the office.
    • After 3 UNEXCUSED absences, letters from the district/county office will be mailed to parents about truancy. Please be diligent in notifying the school office about absences to avoid any misunderstandings on attendance.
    • After 10 EXCUSED absences a letter from the district/county office will be mailed to parents about excessive absences. Letters from medical personnel may be required/requested after the student has received or is in excess of the 10 excused absences.
    • Awards at the end of the school year for perfect attendance (no tardiness).


  • Tardies are very disruptive to the academic process for both teachers and students. Please be certain your child arrives on time otherwise they will be marked tardy.


Independent Study Contracts

  • If your child will be out of school for five or more consecutive school days, you are encouraged to complete an Independent Study Contract. This contract enables the child to do work while out of school. If the work is completed, the absences are not counted against the child's attendance (except for perfect attendance). A minimum of 5 school days' notice is required to enable the teacher to prepare the work.  A meeting with the parents, teacher, and principal must be held before the Independent Study can be put in place.