• KING CLUBS 2022-2023

    ARTS AND MANGA CLUB- students meet Thursdays in G3 after school. 

    ASB CLUB- To allow ASB members to fundraise for club events - MIKE FISHER

    ATHLETICS CLUB- Provide both developmental and competitive sports for all students, male and female -SCOTT WAGNER

    AVID CLUB-To provide a college readiness program designed to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in college -PATTI RICHARDS & VANESSA FREDIN

    CHESS CLUB- Students meet every Friday during lunch:  6th and 7th gr with Mr Aldridge - 8th gr with Mr Brohamer

    CHRISTIAN CLUB- Students meet 1st and 3rd Friday of the month in J5 during 6/7 gr lunch, in E4 during 8th gr lunch.

    CROSS COUNTRY CLUB- Interscholastic competition in cross country -LITA ESPOSITO

    CULTURAL IDENTITY COMMITTEE- Students meet Thursdays at lunch in G-4- All students are encouraged to attend and represent all cultures on campus - LAURA EVENGER

    DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS- Students meet Wednesdays in G2 during 6/7 grade lunch.

    DRUMLINE CLUB- Meet Mondays and Fridays in the MPR after school. 

    JOURNALISM CLUB- Create a yearbook for Martin Luther King Jr. M.S.-CARRIE MYERS

    MUSIC CLUB- To provide leadership opportunities for students in music, to raise money for field trips, and other club’s expenses -DANIELLE COOK

    NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY (NJHS)- To create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership and citizenship, and to encourage the development of character -RHONDA HUMPHRIES

    PACIFIC AMERICAN CLUB- Encourage unity among the Polynesian students -ROBERT POKLETAR & GARNETTE FESILI

    PEER LEADERSHIP CLUB- Build positive character traits and leadership skills - LISA FISHER


    SCIENCE CLUB- Meet every Wednesday in J3 during 6/7 gr lunch.

    WRESTLING CLUB- To teach the sport of wrestling -FRANK HORNING