• Electronic devices will serve an important educational role.  District devices will be provided to all Kindergarten through 5th grade students. Students in grades K-2 will be loaned a Chrome tablet and those in grades 3-5 will be provided a chromebook.  We realize some families already have devices for their child/ren but students are to use the district devices for their assignments, as this assists us with troubleshooting issues (we can be more effective problem solvers when the devices are ones we are familiar with).

    Devices will remain with a student through their schooling.  For example, the tablet issued to a kindergartener will be their school device until they finish 2nd grade and then they will be issued a chromebook.  

    chromebook        tablet

  • broken tech

    We realize that accidents happen and some devices have issues, so we encourage families to take advantage of a lower-cost coverage option described HERE.

    If a school-provided device gets damaged, students should bring it to the school to our library media technician.




    Ivey Ranch will assist students with practicing responsible and respectful use of technology.  We appreciate our parents/guardians help with reiterating and supporting the guidelines detailed in our School Handbook on page 7




    Our recommendation is for students to leave valuable items at home but we understand that families may want their child to have their cell phone with them to discuss updated transportation plans after school.

    Students may have a phone on campus.  Please remain aware of the following:

    • Mobile communication devices must be turned off during instructional time.
    • Smartphones and other mobile communication devices shall not be used in any manner which infringes on the privacy rights of any other person.
    • When a student uses a mobile communication device in an unauthorized manner, the student may be disciplined and a district employee may confiscate the device. The employee shall store the device securely until it is returned to the student or turned over to the principal or designee, as appropriate.  School employees will not be responsible for loss or damage of confiscated technology. (This was explained in the policy noted when you completed Data Confirmation upon enrollment).
    • A student may also be subject to discipline, in accordance with law, Board policy, or administrative regulation, for off-campus use of a mobile communication device which poses a threat or danger to the safety of students, staff, or district property or substantially disrupts school activities.
    • When a school official reasonably suspects that a search of a student's mobile communication device will turn up evidence of the student's violation of the law or school rules, such a search shall be conducted in accordance with BP/AR 5145.12