• Academic Eligibility


    • A student athlete’s athletic eligibility period begins with that student’s first sport of participation in the school year.

    • The most recent official grade report will be used to determine initial eligibility.  Fall Sports will look at the previous Spring semester grades to determine Eligibility, except for incoming Freshman

    • Minimum CIF Academic Eligibility Standards

      • 2.0-grade point average with no more than 1 F.

      •  Must be passing a minimum of 4 classes (20 credits)

      • Probation:  occurs if the athlete falls below a 2.0 or receives more than 1 F.

      • Must go to tutoring Monday – Thursday (except days of contests).  Athletes on probation must get a note signed by tutoring teacher and turn this into their head coach. Notes must be made available to the athletic director.

      • Athletes are only allowed one probationary period per season of sport.

    • Ineligible:

      •    Student-athlete had two consecutive grading periods below a 2.0 and/or more than 1 F.

      •     A student is not passing at least 4 classes.

      •     A student has already been on probation previously during the season of sport.

      •     Using an academically ineligible student in a contest will result in forfeiting that contest.

    1) Athletes get one probationary (or ineligibility) period per sports season (not per year)....meaning, if you start the season on probation and then get eligible, you must stay eligible until the end of that season.  You can't go back on probation a second time during the same sport.

    2) If you are moving, say, from a fall sport to a winter sport, your eligibility follows you.  For instance, if you finish the fall sports season ineligible based on the 12-week grades, you begin the winter sports season ineligible.

    3)  If it is the first season of the sport of the year for that student, as long as they are passing 4 classes, they can go on probation to start of the season.