During Virtual Learning School Counselors are available by appointment. Please contact your student's school counselor. 

    School Counselors are available for students remotely via phone, email, and pre-arranged virtual meetings.

    Students in CRISIS, please call the Counseling Center for immediate support.

    Available during school hours
    7:15 am - 2:45 pm 
    Phone (760) 901-8031
    Fax (760) 542-3118


    Counseling Department 
    Support Staff

    Maggie Duenas
    Administrative Assistant
    Ext. 8031

    Jill Rizzuto
    Registrar/Guidance Tech
    Ext. 8039

    Rosa Flanagan
    Registrar/Guidance Tech
    Ext. 8040

    Caitlin Degrafft
    Career Center
    Ext. 8051


  • The ECHS Counseling Center provides a vital link to academic, career, and personal social development for all students. Our professional school counselors are credentialed educators uniquely trained in school counseling, who ensure equity and access to programs and services. ECHS School Counselors help all students in the areas of academic achievement, college/career and social/emotional development,  so that they develop the skills necessary to become well-adjusted, productive adults of tomorrow. 

    School Counselors spend their time directly servicing students. Assisting them with lessons on academic planning, post-secondary exploration and planning, and provide social/emotional support. 

    We encourage students to connect with their School Counselor early in their high school years to gain valuable knowledge, preparation and support as they progress towards graduation and their future.

    OUSD School Counselors follow the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model to develop a comprehensive, data-driven school counseling program.

    Learn more at www.schoolcounselor.org

  • Counseling Staff

    Socorro Ruiz
    Last Names A, B, ELD 1-2, Foreign Exchange, SpEd (Garrison, Lish, Lopez, Lyon)
    (760) 901-8034

    Kelly Brinkerhoff
    Last Names C, D, E; Simon Scholars; SpEd (Crone & Keo)
    760) 901-8033

    Sada Felix
    Last Names F. G, H, I; SpEd (Gibba, C. Rawlins, Holland, Diekemper)
    760) 901-8042

    Kathleen McCann
    Last Names: J, K, L, W, X, Y, Z; SpEd (Dreisbach, MJ. McPherson & T. McPherson )
    (760) 901-8041

    Kim Takatsuki
    Last Names: M, N; SpEd (Bates. Lavender & Vallete)
    (760) 901-8037

    Elizabeth Cruz
    Last Names: P, Q, R, O; SpEd: (Barnes & A. Olson) 
    760) 901-8035

    Liz Hunter
    Last Names: S, T, U, V; Department Lead; SpEd: (Rawlins)
    (760) 901-8036