• Honors Graduation Requirements

    Beginning with the graduating class of 2021:

    Students who complete all of the following at the end of 1st-semester of their senior year will be considered "honor graduates:"  

    • Four AP or Community College classes (numbered 100 or higher, including Dual Enrollment or Concurrent courses) with grades of C or higher (1 English, 1 Math or Science, and 2 others)

    • Perform 50 verifiable hours of community service.

    • 9-12 GPA of 3.5  (not including PE or TA classes) at the end of the seventh semester

    • An autobiographical essay in senior year (as required by the UC application process).

    *All community service must be performed and documented within the students' first seven semesters of high school.

    *Honors Graduates wear a white robe and receive a gold cord for commencement.

    To graduate with Honors: Seniors need to have a minimum of 50 hours completed and turned in by noon on the last day of the 7th semester (last day of the 1st semester of senior year). No exceptions!!!


    Community Service Completion Form