• Advanced Placement

    AP Testing will be taking place May 2 - 13.  Click here to see the detailed schedule.  Please note that some exams start at 8:00 AM - NOT our regular 8:30 school start time.  Be sure to make the necessary arrangements to arrive on time.  Afternoon exams will run past our regular dismissal time.  

    Students should make sure they have the necessary materials for their tests (pencils, pens, calculators, Chromebooks, etc.).  Click here for a list of what to bring and what not to bring.  Students taking exams that allow calculators should make sure they are fully charged or have fresh batteries.  Click here for the Calculator Policy.   For a list of approved calculators, click here.

    AP English Lit Students: A school issued Chromebook is required to take this exam.  Personal devices are not allowed.  Please go to the AV Office to check out a Chromebook if you need one.  Please test the digital app prior to the exam.  Don't forget to fully charge your Chromebook the night before.

    For further questions about the AP program or about exams, you can visit the College Board website at collegeboard.org.  Good luck on your tests!

    2022 AP Exam Schedule
    What to Bring/What not to Bring
    Calculator Policy
    List of Approved Calculators



    Earn your AP Capstone Diploma!

    We now offer both capstone courses: AP Seminar and AP Research

    You may be asking yourself...what is AP Seminar? What is AP Research? Is it History? Science? English?  Math?  Art?  The answer is...a little bit of everything.

    AP Seminar and AP Research are interdisciplinary courses. This means that it does not fit under any content discipline. Rather, it is a course that focuses upon the necessary skills that we need to be successful in every class in high school and beyond. 

    Students in Seminar will investigate topics in a variety of subject areas, write research-based reports, and design and give presentations both individually and as part of a team. 

    In Research, the student will select a topic and design an experiment where original data is collected, analyzed and report their findings in a paper and presentation (no traditional AP exam for this class). 

     Upon successful completion of both courses, students will become candidates for the prestigious AP CAPSTONE DIPLOMA. For more information about AP Seminar and/or AP Research and the Capstone Diploma, please contact tour Capstone Instructor Stephanie Gonzales,  or you can visit this link at the College Board website.



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