• Mrs. Kelly

    Patricia Kelly

  • Hello Challengers! 

    Welcome to McAuliffe Elementary School! Our hope is that you and your child will find our school to be a welcoming place to learn and grow. Our school is a “home away from home," we provide your child with a safe and nurturing educational environment. Our amazing staff will ensure that your child has an awesome school year by engaging them in hands-on learning experiences, which will tap into their curiosity and support them in making connections between concepts and skills they are learning in the classroom and how they connect to the real world.  We are a community of learners and often families and staff members refer to our school as their "McAuliffe Family." Our school is focusing on the arts to include art, theater, and music so each student will have opportunities in all areas.  Our teachers are trained in Project Based Learning and offer hands-on learning experiences in all grade levels. As your principal, my goal for your child is for them to love school and learning and feel excited about coming here each day!

    Thank you for sharing your children with us,
    Mrs. Kelly