• 2021-2022 Chávez Clubs

    Chávez has quite a few clubs to choose from, look below for descriptions and meeting dates for all clubs.      

    Make school great - participate!


    Me To We - The Me to We club is a civics based, service learning club where students focus on issues that matter most to them and make a difference in the world they live in. CCMS students work in unison with the Me to We club at El Camino and our alumni students who carried the club to EC. Together we work to make our community and world a better place. Me to We follows the curriculum from WE.org and participates in yearly projects submitted to the WE organization and students attend the live WE Day televised event in LA in May each year.

    ***Me To We meets every other Wednesday during lunch in E2***


    Art Club - This is a great place to explore your personal interests in art and get some hands on experience with art tools and materials if you are not in art class or if you just want more art in your life! 

    ***Art Club meets every Thursday during lunch in D28*** 


    Chess Club - We welcome every level of player, even those looking to learn the game.  We meet during lunch and are always looking for new members.

    ***Chess Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday during lunch in C6*** 


    Girls Who Code - Despite the name, our Girls Who Code club is open to all genders. Coders learn from fun and simple online coding tutorials, build community through interactive activities, and learn about inspiring role models. We also work in teams to design and build a Girls Who Code Project with the intent to solve real world problems through code!


    GSA - Gender Sexuality Alliance club is a social and support club for LGBTQ+ students and allies. We work to create a safe space for students to talk about LGBTQ+ issues in our school and in our community. Come express yourself at GSA!

    ***GSA meets every Wednesday during lunch in the MPR***

    Gaming Club - The Gaming Club is a place where scholars of any background, interest, and skill level can come together and play games! It is a student led club and focuses on student cooperation and teamplay. We are a community of gamers, built and led by gamers. The options are endless: board games, trivia, role-playing games, computer games, console gaming, coding, game development, and more. Everyone is welcome to join!

    ***Gaming Club meets every Friday during lunch in C4***


    IGNITE WORLDWIDE - is an organization that directly works with teachers during the school day to provide programming that promotes STEM education and career advancement for girls and non-binary youth from historically marginalized communities. Through hands-on events that connect students with role models who live and work in their communities, students recognize new possibilities for their futures. Ms. Sanders is the first Ignite Chapter leader in Southern California and hosted two virtual events during the 2020-2021 school year. There are plans to continue hosting events for the 21-22 school year if funding is available. For more information about IGNITE Click https://www.igniteworldwide.org/about/. For event information, please contact xye.sanders@oside.us.


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