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    Jefferson Middle School Principal Jonathan Penuliar

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    We hope that this site can be used as another line of communication between the school and the community, especially the families of our students.  


    It is with great humility and a servant spirit that I begin my tenure as the principal of Jefferson Middle School. As the newest member of the leadership team, I have spent the majority of my first days here taking the time to learn about Jefferson’s rich history and wonderful community. I have spoken with families and their students, teachers, IT techs, custodians, office staff, health technicians, and the fine people that live in the surrounding neighborhoods. From my short time here thus far, it has been made clear time and again that Jefferson has played an integral role in providing opportunities for success for generations of Oceanside residents.

    Growing up in San Diego, I too have nostalgic memories of Oceanside. I vividly remember surfing Wisconsin Street, south side of the pier, and the Oceanside jetty as a youth. As I return to the area this year, I can say so much has changed since my earlier days of hanging ten at the beach. Some iconic landmarks still remain, but for the most part, Oceanside has been steadily evolving to meet and match the new necessities of the changing world around us. And similarly, just as our town has grown to meet the needs of its community, our school is also evolving and growing to meet the needs of our students to be successful citizens of the 21st century.

    The future will bring challenges we have yet to see and our school is ready to provide our students with an education that will prepare them for leading the charge forward. Through high expectations in academics, athletics, and building community, we look forward to leading the way. Our team is here for you, to offer support, work in collaboration, and to help your scholar navigate their middle school journey.

    Welcome once again. We have a great year ahead.


    Dr. Penuliar

    Jonathan B. Penuliar, EdD

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