• Lunch time tutoring offered by our Lincoln teachers. All students are welcome to attend.

    Monday - Science

    6th grade - Ms Ludka C-1

    7th grade - Mr. Gurney D-4

    8th grade - Ms S. Johnson C-4

    Tuesday - Math

    6th grade - Mr. Gray J-3

    7th grade - Mr. Rota S-2

    8th grade - Mrs. Pfohl F-7

    Wednesday - Humanities

    6th grade - Mr. Meisterling M-1

    7th grade - Mrs. R. Johnson F-6

    8th grade - Mr. Avery F-1


    Tutoring held by our PASS mentor, Mr. Antonio in Room E-8.

    Please contact Mr. Antonio through email for availability and questions at 


    Subjects: English, History, Math, Science and Spanish.


    Wednesdays: Lunch 11:48AM-12:23PM and Afterschool at 2:45PM-3:45PM.

    Thursdays: Lunch 12:06PM-12:41PM and Afterschool at 2:15PM-3:15PM.

    No Friday tutoring at this time.



    Dear Parents/Guardians, 

    We are proud to offer all students in grades 6-12 access to summer learning options. Our Apex Tutorials will offer students personalized practice in ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, SAT prep, and ACT prep.  Your student can practice, identify gaps, make progress, and increase readiness for success in ’21 – ’22! Mini-Pretests will identify both strengths and areas of need, and “Suggested Topics” will be automatically  assigned to address skill gaps. Please work on Suggested Topics before the main topics. We encourage  students to work frequently in tutorials to retain what they learn. 

    Students will access tutorials by logging in with their district login credentials, then clicking on the Apex tile to get to their Apex dashboard. To self-enroll, enter the Enroll Code for your school. The enrollment codes are the following for Lincoln students, 












    Have FUN! 

    What are Apex tutorials (video)

    Getting started guide (PDF)

    More info on Apex tutorials at home (PDF)

    How to self-enroll (video)