If you are in need of a before or after-school program for your child, please contact the After School Achievement Program (ASAP) at asapstaff@ymail.com.  The program, located on our campus, is available to civilian and military families. 



    The School-Age Care program is designed to enrich children's social, cognative , emotional, physical and intellectual growth and development.  The program accepts children attending grades first through sixth and are between the ages of six through twelve years.  

    Program fees are mandated by the DOD and are based upon the total family income.  There is an annual registration fee of $40.00 for the SAC Program.  this fee is usually per family not per child.  Fees are due before the child is accepted into the SAC Program and are renewed at the begining of each fiscal year.

    To enroll your child into the SAC Program, you must first contact the Resource Referral Office Marine Family Services, Bldg 13150 at 760-725-9723 or SAC Main Office San Luis Rey CDC, Building 17082 either program director: Alicia Tiongison or Anita Hernandez at 760-763-6905.