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  • Pick up and delivery of district and intra-district mail
  • Process outgoing USPS district mail (including bulk mail)
  • Process Warehouse stock orders
  • Receive and process orders from outside vendors
  • Receive and deliver food items for Child Nutrition


District Mail Guidelines


Delivery Schedule

District mail is picked up and delivered daily.

Large items are delivered to designated sites on the following days:

  • Monday -  Laurel, McAuliffe, Ivey, ECHS
  • Tuesday -  Palmquist, South Oceanside, Lincoln, MLK, Surfside, Chavez
  • Wednesday - Stuart Mesa, Santa Margarita, North Terrace, OHS
  • Thursday -  San Luis Rey, Libby, Del Rio, Nichols, Mission
  • Friday -  Jefferson, CBA, Foussat, Reynolds, DO, ESS

Warehouse Stock Orders

Contact Us

The Warehouse is open for receiving from
7:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday

Robbie Jones
Warehouse Lead