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Technology and Transportation

Technology and Transportation

While it is the mission of every Transportation Department to provide safe, efficient service, here in the Oceanside Unified School District we take that to heart. We combine the latest technology with outstanding employees for the best transportation service available.

ZONAR System

Advanced technology also allows our maintenance shop to communicate with drivers in order to help diagnose problems with the engine and other components of the bus, and all buses are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. GPS helps ensure all students are safe and on the route and provides "real-time" locations of all buses. 

Along with GPS technology, the district uses video surveillance systems inside buses to help monitor student activity and provide students with the safest possible ride. Video systems allow the driver to spend more time concentrating on the road and what is going on around them instead of constantly looking in the rearview mirror to see what is occurring inside the bus. 

EDULOG Routing Software

Education Logistics, Inc, is the original school bus routing software company and has been providing routing and planning software solutions to districts across North America since 1977. We have worked hard to make sure that our software and hardware solutions stay on the cutting edge by adding school bus GPS tracking, student ridership, and parent communication solutions that help school districts improve safety and keep money in the classrooms while transporting students efficiently.

Real-Time Information About Your School Bus- Edulog Parent Portal Lite

Parents - Your school district provides the Edulog Parent Portal Lite smartphone app to help you receive information about your child's school bus ride. It allows you to see real-time information about the location of your child's school bus and to receive notifications when the bus is getting close. Please contact the dispatch office during normal working hours for the Districts portal code.

Download Links

Scan this QR code with your smartphone camera to download the app, Edulog Parent Portal Lite:

 Transportation Operations Manager (TOM) provides school bus routing, mapping, allowing school sites to request trips up to 15 working days before the date of the trip electronically.