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Important Information Regarding Bus Stop Changes

Bus Stop Changes

Oceanside has been seeing many positive changes; new hotels, resorts and restaurants are opening up regularly. Oceanside is now a popular vacation destination, and along with this change is the automobile traffic. This summer, the transportation department team worked collaboratively with the city of Oceanside, some mobile home property management organizations and local authorities to improve the safety of many of our routed bus stops. Once where there was slow or no vehicular traffic, streets that have access points to HWY 76 and I-5 are now busy and drivers often exceed the speed limits to make the lights at intersections. 

Student safety is a priority both on and off the school buses. California vehicle code 22454 (a) prohibits a driver from passing a school bus when the bus is stopped for the purpose of loading or unloading school children and when the red signals are flashing. A driver who violates the vehicle code 22454 (a) must pay a fine of up to $695.00 and could get a "negligent operator license suspension", and receive points on their license that can affect their insurance premiums.

Starting August 17, 2022, these bus drivers will be picking and dropping students at the new locations. Please review the list below to see if your bus stop has been changed.

  • West Wind Mobile Home Park & Lamp Lighter Mobile Home Park. The bus stop is now on N. River Rd N/E at the pull out past the entrance at Santa Bella.
  • Presidio Apartments. The buses will no longer enter the apartment complex. The bus stop is now on Mission N/E past the entrance.

Buses will no longer be picking up students inside gated communities. Please see the bus stops for your community below.

  • St. Cloud Way - Bus Stop will be Ivey Ranch Elementary with an alternate bus stop at Old Grove Rd and Ocean Ranch Blvd N/W. (Dispatch will notify parents regarding this bus stop)
  • Gated community @ Alyssum Way, Primrose, Helix Way & Periwinkle Way- Bus Stop will be on Ivey Ranch Rd N/E past the entrance to Alyssum Way.
  • Flying R Ranch of Del Loma @ Old Grove & Hwy 76- Bus Stop on Frazee Rd S/E @ Pedestrian Walk-way.
  • Gate community @ Monte Vista Way, Wind River Way, Rawhide Way, Alamo Way & Vista Verde Way- Bus stop on Frazee Rd at entrance gate N/E.
  • Gate community @ Avenida Privado, Avenida Frontera Avenda Sobrina & Avenida Manessa- Bus stop on Old Grove Rd S/E at entrance gate
  • Gated community @ Natoma Way- Bus stops on Mesa Dr N/E past the entrance.
  • Mission Hills Apartment Gate- Bus stop on Rancho Del Oro Drive  N/E
  • Pacific Ridge Homes (Old Grove Rd)- Bus stop on Old Grove Rd N/W past entrance
  • Gated community (Rancho Del Oro Rd) @ Sicily Way, Genoa Way, Malta Way- Bus stop on Rancho Del Oro past entrance S/W