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Special Education Coordinators


Cheri Bené, Coordinator I
Tel: (760) 966-4017  Email Cheri

  • Preschool/ Preschool Assessment Team
  • Mission Elementary
  • Professional Development
  • Transportation Liason
  • ISAs
  • Mentoring/ coaching support to Coordinator IIs
  • CPI Instructor
  • NCCSE CAPTAIN Cadre Member

Annamaria Burke, Coordinator II

Tel: (760) 966-7831 Email Annamaria

  • Base Schools: North Terrace, Santa Margarita, Stuart Mesa
  • Middle Schools: King, Lincoln
  • Psychologist Liason Support

Sarah Jimenez, Coordinator II

Tel: (760) 901-7175 Email Sarah

  • Non-Public Schools, NCA, RTC
  • New Haven Liason
  • Mental Health Itinerant Liason
  • Additional Support for Assessment
  • Extended School Year
  • CPI Instructor (NCCSE and OUSD)



Brian Sakemi, Coordinator II

Tel: (760) 966- Email Brian

  • Elementary Schools: Foussat, Libby, McAuliffe, Pablo Tac, Palmquist
  • Chavez Middle School



Terri Scott, Coordinator II
Tel: (760) 901-7176 Email Terri





Tifani Sieker, Coordinator II

Tel: (760) 966-7804 Email Tifani

  • Elementary Schools: Del Rio, Ivey Ranch, Laurel, Nichols, South Oceanside
  • Jefferson Middle School
  • Speech-Language Pathologist Liason



Nancy Tibbitts, Caregiver Support Coordinator II

Tel: (760) 966-7882 Email Nancy

  • Caregiver Support -working alongside caregivers (parents and guardians) to improve understanding of special education and supporting students with disabilities
  • Parent Training
  • Caregiver Connection (Formerly PGPP)







Erin Wade, Coordinator II
Tel: (760) 966-7836 Email Erin

  • High Schools: Oceanside High and El Camino High
  • Surfside Education Academy
  • SEIS/CALPADS/Compliance
  • Assist w/ ISAs


Special Education District Contacts

   Judy Peterson, Administrative Secretary

Tel: (760) 966-7848 Email Judy

  • Timesheets
  • Mileage Reports
  • Trip Conferences
  • Purchase Orders

Leidi Mendez, Bilingual Office Assistant

Tel: (760) 966-7829  Email Leidi


Stacey Thomas, Student Information Systems Technician/CALPADS Data Coordinator @Carey Road

Tel: (760) 901-7153  Email Stacey

  • Special education software administration
  • Student reporting (CALPADS-SPED)

Resource Lab @Carey Road

Tel: (760) 901-7152


Brittany DeLand, Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)

  Email Brittany

  • New Special Ed Teacher Support (NSETS)
  • Mild/Moderate Instructional Coach
  • Inclusion Instructional Coach
  • DHH Students


Lena Medina, Assistive Technology Specialist @Carey Road

Tel: (760) 901-7191  Email Lena

  • Assistive Technology (AT)
  • Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC)
  • Consult Link



Lynne Dudas, Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) @CareyRd
Tel: (760) 901-7155  Email Lynne

  • Behavior Support Team
  • Behavior Instructional Coach
  • Moderate/Severe Instructional Coach
  • CPI Instructor
  • NBITS NCCSE Trainer
  • NCCSE CAPTAIN Cadre Member
  • Special Education Website Management