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Welcome to the OUSD EdTech page!

About Education Technology

With the District implementing 1:1 devices for all students, Ed Tech seeks to marry the needs of the human users with the functions and features of the technological devices.

District Ed Tech Goals

Dedicated to continuous improvement in online safety & classroom technology implementation, the District has two major goals:

1.  All school sites will have and implement a Digital Citizenship & Device Care Plan.

2.  All teachers will know the 4Cs and SAMR and will be able to implement the models in their classrooms.


What are the 4Cs & SAMR?

The 4Cs for 21st century learning include skills that go beyond traditional knowledge level skills.  They include Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity.  The 4Cs were developed by P21, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.  These skills are a critical part of the workplace for adults and need to be integrated into all educational levels.  Watch this video for a quick overview.

SAMR is a framework to indicate different levels of technology integration in the classroom.  SAMR stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition.  Watch this video for a quick overview.

Together, the 4Cs and SAMR can make teaching and learning into powerful experiences.

Ed Tech Lead Learners

To accommodate the various levels of tech integration at each site and to assist the site administrators in their site's technology journey, certain classroom teachers have been selected as Ed Tech Lead Learners (ETLLs).  These are teachers who regularly integrate technology in the classroom, enjoy learning about tech, and can facilitate professional learning with staff at the site.  Site administration and ITS collaboratively select ETLLs who will work well at the site. 

ETLLs have the responsibilities of evaluating the tech needs of the site, creating and evaluating an annual action plan, supporting staff tech needs, and providing tech professional learning.  ETLLs are also provided a budget to cover their support hours and to attend technology conferences.  Elementary sites have up to two ETLLs, K-8 and Middle schools have up to three, and High schools have up to four.

ETLLs meet monthly with their administrators and Ed Tech TOSAs to connect their site goals with the broader District Tech goals.

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