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Foster Youth

Foster Youth

Our Vision

Oceanside Unified School District is deeply committed to supporting foster families. Recognizing the unique educational challenges students in foster care face, we strive to provide caregivers with the necessary resources and support to address these needs. Our foster liaisons play an essential role in ensuring that foster students have access to resources, support, and stability necessary to thrive academically and graduate college and career-ready.

Foster Youth Education Stats*

  • On average, foster youth change schools 6 times and lose 4-6 months of learning each time.
  • By 3rd grade, 80% of foster youth have to repeat a grade.
  • By 11th grade, 1 in 5 foster youth are proficient in English. 1 in 20 are proficient in math.
  • Only 50% of foster youth graduate from high school.
  • Only 20% of foster youth enrolled in college and less than 3% obtain a college degree.

*Alliance for Children’s Rights

For more information on resources and support, please contact:

School Site Foster and Homeless Youth Liaison



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Myeshia Whigham
Coordinator for DEI & Student Supports
District Liaison for Foster & Transitional Youth