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Use of Facilities with Inflatables, Bouncers, Jumpers

There are serious guidelines on the use of inflatables at school events:

  • Review the rules for participation with students and strictly adhere to those rules
  • All participants should complete a permission form, Inflatable Activity Permission Slip (English/Spanish)
  • The equipment should be thoroughly inspected prior to each use
  • The structure should be firmly attached to the ground to prevent from toppling
  • The inflatable should never be used in windy or rainy weather conditions
  • All participants should be under direct adult supervision at all times
  • Closely follow the manufacturer's directions and guidelines in regards to proper set up and use of the inflatable:
    • Follow weight recommendations
    • Anchor ropes, tethers, and tie-downs should be sufficiently strong to resist breakage or slipping
    • Use anchoring pegs that have constructed with a restraining hook or collar at the top of the peg to prevent the attaching ropes from sliding up and being released
    • Ground stakes should be driven at 40 inches into the ground
  • Vendors should:
    • Provide the District with a Hold Harmless Contract - a waiver of all liability claims against the District
    • Provide the District with a certification naming the District as additionally insured on the vendor's insurance policy