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Dual Enrollment

College in High School, FREE!

At OUSD our students can enroll in college courses taught by MiraCosta College professors. Classes are available at OUSD high schools, online or at MiraCosta College. This allows students to get a head start on their future by building their college transcripts before they graduate high school. Unlike AP courses, no exams outside of class are needed to receive college credit, just earn a passing grade in the course.     

Courses include: 

  • Intro to Business
  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
  • Pre-Calculus 1: College Algebra
  • Pre-Calculus 2: Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry
  • Psychology of Personal Growth
  • Intro to Sociology
  • Intro to Film
  • Intro to Curriculum in Early Childhood

Here is the full list of courses offered

OUSD Partnership with MiraCosta College 

Oceanside Unified School District entered into a CCAP agreement with the local community college in 2017 and is committed to offering Dual Enrollment as it best serves our students. Dual Enrollment is a program that allows students to earn college credit as a high school student. To learn more about Dual Enrollment through MiraCosta visit the MiraCosta website. To learn more about being an OUSD student at MiraCosta visit the Oceanside Unified page on the MiraCosta website.

If you are a current Oceanside student, the benefits of taking dual enrollment courses are:


* Did you know: Students who take UC-transferable college courses that fall within the A-G subject areas, will earn an extra point in the UC freshman admission GPA if a grade letter of "C" or better is earned.

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