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Curriculum & Instruction

As educators, parents/guardians, and community stakeholders  we share a common commitment to the welfare of our students. To that end,  the Oceanside Unified School  District's Curriculum and Instruction Department strives to ensure that all students have access to core curriculum delivered in a safe and inclusive learning environment that is consistent from teacher to teacher, and school to school.  Instruction of the California State Standards is student-centered and responsive to the cultural and linguistic needs of our diverse student population.  

The Curriculum and Instruction department works collaboratively with teachers, support staff, school and district administrators, and the community to promote student learning that aligns with the district mission, vision, and values.  

We engage daily in strategic actions that supports school sites to:

  • Offer opportunities for hands-on experiences for students.
  • Facilitate acceleration rather than remediation.
  • Nurture an awareness and understanding of unique and diverse perspectives and practices.
  • Enhance the creative, physical, emotional, and intellectual abilities of students.
  • Incorporate materials and technological resources that support student achievement of content and process standards.
  • Promote student learning and acceptance of positive values/concepts.
  • Foster the development of knowledge required in making sound career choices.
  • Foster collaboration in a non-threatening environment.

OUSD Instructional Focus

“All students will demonstrate their thinking, both verbally and in writing, to show understanding of their learning.”

The Curriculum & Instruction Department provides leadership and support in the areas of curriculum and instruction, academic performance, professional learning, English Learners, Preschool, and Career Technical Education, as well as state and federal categorical programs. 

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Elementary Education

Vicki Gravlin
Executive Director of Elementary Education

Stacy Norman
Administrative Secretary II 

Mandy Bell
Director of Elementary Education

Maria Kramer
Administrative Secretary II 

Secondary Education

Richard Lawrence, Ed.D.
Executive Director of Secondary Education

Dora Jaramillo
Administrative Secretary II 

Greg Smedley
Director of Secondary Education

Marisa Crawford
Administrative Secretary II