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Guidelines, Tips & Best Practices

Best Practices

Here are some tips and best practices for successful fundraising:

  • Emphasize fundraisers that support the whole group, student body, grade level
  • Be inclusive of all students and families
  • Spend the current year's funds on the current year's students
  • Ensure the fundraising activities are voluntary and not required for student participation in school activities
  • Governing board members should be the designated receivers of cash payments during activities
  • Have a governing board member collect funds and another governing member count funds
  • Avoid carrying over large amounts of funds from one year to the next, unless approved for use for a large project
  • Remember - it is about the students!

Not permitted...

The following are not permitted:

  • On-site car washes due to storm drain requirements and regulations
  • Potentially dangerous activities (i.e.: dunk tanks, pie-in-the-face, etc.)
  • Food sales between the hours of midnight and 30 minutes after site dismissal
  • Door to door sales by students under the age of 16 unless part of a team and supervised by an adult
  • Mandatory participation in activities, events, or fundraisers
  • Alcohol, tobacco, and smoking (including vaping) at any on-site events

5th Grade Camp Information

Here are suggestions and recommendations for 5th Grade Camp fundraising and planning:

  • Include language in the parent letter explicitly informing parents that participation is always voluntary.  This is to ensure that parents and student understand that the trip is an extracurricular activity that will not impact the student's grade or participation marks.
  • Add a box to the letter giving parents the option to decline to provide permission for their child to attend.  Again, this will indicate that participation is strictly voluntary.
  • Add language to the letter stating that no student will be excluded from the trip due to the inability to pay.
  • Provide contact information for the site administrator (instead of the teacher) in the section for questions regarding the inability to pay.

Here is a sample letter to send home to parents.

Inflatables: Jumpers, Slides, Bouncers

There are serious guidelines on the use of inflatables at school events:

  • Review the rules for participation with students and strictly adhere to those rules
  • All participants should complete a permission form, Inflatable Activity Permission Slip (English/Spanish)
  • The equipment should be thoroughly inspected prior to each use
  • The structure should be firmly attached to the ground to prevent from toppling
  • The inflatable should never be used in windy or rainy weather conditions
  • All participants should be under direct adult supervision at all times
  • Closely follow the manufacturer's directions and guidelines in regards to proper set up and use of the inflatable:
    • Follow weight recommendations
    • Anchor ropes, tethers, and tie-downs should be sufficiently strong to resist breakage or slipping
    • Use anchoring pegs that have constructed with a restraining hook or collar at the top of the peg to prevent the attaching ropes from sliding up and being released
    • Ground stakes should be driven at 40 inches into the ground
  • Vendors should:
    • Provide the District with a Hold Harmless Contract - a waiver of all liability claims against the District
    • Provide the District with a certification naming the District as additionally insured on the vendor's insurance policy