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Fundraising Q&A

When will fundraising packets be available for completion?

  • The 2021-2022 fundraising packet is available now and is due by Thursday, September 30, 2021.  Please be advised that due to the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, on-campus fundraising activities and events are not permitted at this time.

Will the entire slideshow presentation be available on the website for future reference.

  • The entire presentation is now available on the district's fundraising website.

Since 5th Grade Camp is about $400 per student, how would you phrase or tell parents they need to pay for this amount in order for your student to attend? Also how would you phrase a statement for parents who can't afford to pay the fee and to raise money for their student?

Is a foundation or booster required to have their donations approved by the Board of Education?

  • Donations from the organization to the district must be approved by the Board of Education.  Donations from the community to the outside organization need not be approved by the Board of Education.  However, the organization should consult with the district regarding any donations it accepts which it expects to then provide to the district.

Often boosters/parent groups use district vendor accounts and customer numbers to place orders.  This has been a problem in the past.

  • Office Depot is available for approved parent organizations to receive the corporate discount.  Information regarding placing Office Depot orders is available on the Fiscal Services webpage.

What if we don’t have dates yet for fundraisers since we don’t know when we will be allowed to do the fundraisers.  Do we just list the fundraisers we have in mind & maybe the month we plan to do it in?

  • Yes, please list any potential fundraising events on page 5 of the Authorization to Fundraise packet.  Additional pages may be added if needed.

Does ASB need to submit the authorization form?

  • The authorization packet is required every year from PTO, PTA, Booster, Foundation, and other parent organizations in order to raise money for Oceanside schools.  ASB is not required to submit the fundraising authorization packet.  Instead, site clubs operating through ASB submit all fundraising activities, funds and approvals through their site ASB office and then through the district ASB account.

What is needed so that we are able to have students order school merchandise online and it be sent directly to them to decrease cost, time, and extra handling of the merchandise?

  • While this is a viable option, it is dependent on the vendor’s requirements and options available to authorized organizations.

Can a school use an ordering company that makes merchandise on demand so we do not have inventory overflow? 

  • This would be dependent on the governing entity (ASB, PTO, PTA, etc.) investigating the vendor’s requirements and options available, then taking appropriate action.

Can an outside company be connected to a school account only to deposit funds from merchandise purchased (no withdrawal)? 

  • Unfortunately, outside companies may not be connected to a school financial account.  A better option would be for the outside company to be connected to the authorized parent organization to deposit funds.  Then the authorized parent organization can make a monetary donation to the school site for official acceptance and deposit into the school’s donation account.

May we frame it as the following, “We kindly ask for a donation of $35 but any donation amount is greatly appreciated.”

  • This language may be permissible, but we would recommend revising the sentence to focus on program needs.  For example, “We will now be accepting donations to facilitate the purchase of [ITEM] for our [PROGRAM]  We estimate that the cost for [ITEM] will be covered by a $35 donation from each participant family, but donations are optional and any amount you can give is greatly appreciated."

Do we have to go through Facilitron for ALL fundraising activities?

  • Yes.  All on-campus fundraising activities require a facility request through Facilitron.  In the comments section, please list the agencies involved for insurance verification.  This includes, but is not limited to, carnivals, food trucks, movie nights, evening and weekend events, etc.

Facilitron charges a 10% service fee.  The charges for facilities are concerning.  What charges should I expect for choir/band concerts?  

  • For school events, there will be no fee.  For events hosted by authorized parent organizations, please select the “pay by mail” option instead of paying online.  This will allow district staff to review the information entered and adjust fees depending on the type of organization.

For facilities use, what is the deposit amount based on?  Is it a flat fee?

  • The deposit is based on the facility requested, the dates requested, and the requester itself (school site entity, authorized parent organization, outside community requester).

Can our organization choose to not have site staff present at our on-campus event?

  • Any on-campus event will require an OUSD staff member to be present (i.e.: custodian, security, etc.).  This is not an option for organizations to decline.  Staff costs will be billed to the organization and/or added to the facility use cost.

Do we need to fill out a facility request for crowdfunding?

  • The facility requests through Facilitron are required for on-campus fundraising only.  An organization is not required to fill out a facility request for a crowdfunding campaign, but will need to submit the fundraising packet.

Do outside vendors need to have insurance coverage for both the fundraising group and the district?

  • Yes.  It needs to meet OUSD requirements and be on file with the Use of Facility Office a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event.

What happens if we don't use Facilitron?  Are there consequences or additional fines?

  • If Facilitron is not used, Oceanside Unified School District is in violation of a contractual agreement and will result in cancellation of the event, as well as fines assessed.  The organization will need to pay the fines incurred.  In addition, if there is a double-booking of a facility due to not using Facilitron, the organization who did not submit a Facilitron request will be removed from the calendar and bumped out of the facility in question.