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Authorization to Fundraise

An "Annual Authorization for School Affiliated Organizations to Fundraise" packet is required every year from PTO, PTA, Booster, Foundation, and other parent organizations in order to raise money for Oceanside schools.

The packet includes the following:

  • Organization's information and required signatures
  • Organization's officers for the current school year
  • Fundraising events for the year
  • Bank information
  • Treasurer's report from prior year showing income, expenditures, and ending balance in June 2020
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance maintained by the organization for the current year
  • W9 and verification of tax-exempt status

Additional attachments, if necessary:

  • Changes in Organization's governing documents
  • New bank account or modification made to banking permissions
  • Change in state or federal tax exempt status

The 2023-2024 packet is available now and is due by Friday, September 22, 2023.

As a reminder, organizations may not fundraise until their packet is submitted and approved.

Authorization to Fundraise Packet Elements