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Before/After School Programs & More

THRIVE-Expanded Learning Program

We offer more than just before and after school programs at OUSD. We provide expanded learning opportunities outside of the regular school day and year to help students learn, grow and THRIVE! These academic and enrichment programs are available for OUSD students, free of charge to OUSD students, in collaboration with the community partners listed below.  Click the link to pre-register for the 2024-2025 year school.      

Expanded Learning Opportunities Program

2024-2025 THRIVE Partners


OUSD's Early Childhood Education Webpage

Community Childcare Resources*

Contact Us

Teresa Richmond
E.L.O. Program Coordinator 

Linda Baca-Magana                Administrative Assistant I            760-966-7834                   

THRIVE Updates

2024 THRIVE Summer    Enrichment Camps      

  • For: Rising Grades K-8 
  • Dates:  June 13-Aug. 2
  • Days:  Monday-Friday
  • Time:  7:30am-4:30pm  

Camp Registration is Closed.


2024-2025 THRIVE   Before & After School            Programs                  Pre-Registration Form

*OUSD's THRIVE Expanded Learning Program accepts all students who meet program requirements and registration deadlines. Parents or Guardians must notify program staff of special accommodation needs at the time of registration.  Failure to adhere to program policies and procedures may result in dis-enrollment from the program.