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Kristin Garrison
 Coordinator, Human Resources
Instructional Coach





Working with a coach is voluntary and confidential.  The coach is there to support you in your self-selected area. The coach does not evaluate your work nor does the coach report what occurs in your sessions to anyone. 

Instructional Coaching

Helping all OUSD teachers develop

professional expertise. 



Why would I want a coach?

At some point we all need a coach!  

As we grow in our professional practices it's helpful to have an objective observer offer feedback. 

An Instructional Coach is just that. An impartial colleague with whom you can discuss your teaching, your students, and your instructional concerns. 

Areas of Support

Some examples of areas teachers may request support in are: 

  • Classroom management 
  • Lesson planning 
  • Differentiation
  • Use of technology in the classroom 
  • Working with ELD students 
  • Lesson content 
  • or...

What's next?

After requesting support, someone will contact you from T.E.S. within three working days.  After this initial conversation you will be connected with appropriate support from one or more of the following: the Teacher Effectiveness and Support Program, Curriculum and Instruction department, Educational Technology department, or other departments within our system. 

What fellow OUSD teachers say about Instructional Coaching:

"To be able to collaborate with someone who is fully invested in your success and your students' success is priceless!"  

~ High School Teacher


"It is safe, motivating, and personally tailored for each person. I truly benefited a great deal from the experience." 

~ Special Education Teacher


It was "truly helpful and targeted feedback that I was able to use immediately... I would highly recommend Instructional Coaching to any teacher wanting to develop their teaching skills." 

~ Middle School Teacher 


My Instructional Coach's "feedback is always positive, effective, and non-judgmental. She has had an immediate and profound impact on my teaching." 

~ Elementary School Teacher 

Requesting Support

To request support, please complete this T.E.S. Request