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Board Elections

Beginning with the November 2018 elections, voters of the Oceanside Unified School District will elect school board members in by-trustee-area elections.  The district has been divided into five trustee areas with a balanced number of residents in each area.  A map of the trustee areas is visible below with a downloadable link to a more detailed map at right.

Beginning with the next election, a candidate for the school board must reside in the trustee area in which they run.  Areas 1, 3, and 4 will be contested in the 2018 election, with areas 2 and 5 contested in the 2020 election.  Current board members Eleanor Evans (area 2) and Mike Blessing (area 5) will continue to serve in those areas until their terms expire in 2020.

Click on map to download a larger version

Current Board Seats

The current board members represent the entire school district.  Below are the five new trustee areas along with the current board members residing in them and their terms on the board.

Area 1

No incumbent

Area 2

Eleanor Evans -- term expires 2020

Robert Gleisberg -- term expires 2018

Emily Ortiz Wichmann -- term expires 2018

Area 3

Ann Corwin -- term expires 2018

Area 4

No incumbent

Area 5

Mike Blessing -- term expires 2020