• What Happens in a Community School?

    Improving how we do schools: bringing everyone to the table to share decision-making, building bridges, and supporting our students and family needs. Together, we can all help our students succeed!

  • The more time students spend at school, the more they learn.
    And so, Community Schools stay open after school and during school breaks. During that time, they may offer:
              • Arts
              • Athletics
              • Music/Dance
              • Homework Help
              • Student Clubs  

  • When students see learning as a life-long skill, they stick with it more.
    That’s why we offer parents and families:
              • Adult education classes
              • Training for parent leaders
              • Access to social services  

    Adult education programs and social services provide families with skills and resources to improve their lives.  

  • Healthy students attend more days of school.

    That’s why school-based health services include:
              • Dental Care
              • Vision Care  
              • Medical Care
              • Mental Health Counselors

  • When students feel supported and welcome, they thrive in school.

    That’s why Community Schools have more adults who can:
              • Mentor
              • Tutor
              • Make connections with families

  • Each Community School has a Community School Coordinator that facilitates and organizes services for the entire school.