• Transitional/Homeless Youth

    Oceanside Unified School District, is committed to providing support to our McKinney-Vento/Transitional Youth and their families. We understand that each student's journey is unique, and we are dedicated to providing the necessary guidance and support to ensure their success. 

    Each school sites has dedicated liaisons who are committed to helping families with:

    • Enrollment: Ensuring a smooth transition into our school community.

    • Transportation: Overcoming any barriers to getting to school.

    • Referrals: Connecting families with community-based organizations for additional support.

    Families that are in need of services, please complete the Housing Questionnaire form below and contact the school site liaison.


    For more information on resources and support, please contact:

    For District Office support, please contact:

    Myeshia Whigham

    Coordinator for DEI & Student Supports

    District Liaison for Foster & Transitional Youth

    Phone: 760-966-7862

    Email: myeshia.whigham@oside.us