• As a participant in the School Breakfast Program (SBP) and National School Lunch (NSLP) Program, it is our responsibility to adhere to and comply with designated, outlined nutritional standards. 
    Specifically, both the SBP & NSLP have detailed dietary requirements that help ensure adequate sustenance is offered to promote a complete and nutritionally dense meal to all students. 
    Both programs work conjunctively as the main source of food and beverages at all OUSD sites.

    With this in mind, any classroom celebrations must meet the federal guidelines for our Smart Snack-approved program. OUSD is delighted to share that we are here to help support all classroom celebrations within our district. 
    We offer a variety of nutritionally dense snack items that can be purchased through your cafeteria. From cookies and crackers to ice cream bars and juice boxes. For pricing on these items please contact your site cafeteria. 
    In addition to these items, we also provide pizza in the classroom celebrations in place of the student's regular lunch. For more information please contact the site cafeteria. 

Classroom Pizza Parties

  • Thinking of a Classroom Party?


    Cartoon Pizza with Slice Cut Out

    Your school cafeteria** can do it for you! We can provide a complete meal and do all the work while saving you money!
    All items are specially formulated to meet federal guidelines and OUSD's Wellness Policy. Prices vary from minimal to no cost based on desired menu options. 

    **Classroom Pizza Parties are at the discretion of each school site administrator.
    Contact your school to see if they are participating in Classroom Pizza Parties provided by Nutrition Services

Ice Cream Celebrations

  • If you'd like to celebrate a birthday for your student, you are able to order a variety of ice cream bars
    directly from our school cafeterias! All of our ice creams offered meet the required guidelines and are
    Smart Snack Compliant. 

    Cartoon ice cream bars


Healthy Snack Sales


    All snacks are compliant with California regulations and the Smart Snacks federal regulations. These rigorous standards for food and beverages sold "A la Carte" (outside the reimbursable meal program) apply to students from kindergarten through grade twelve. In addition to these standards, all food and beverages at OUSD are free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial food colorings, and hydrogenated oils. All beverages sold have no added sugar, and bottled water is for sale at all school sites.

    Please note:  Any outside food or beverages brought into the classroom must have prior approval from the Director of Nutrition Services
    and must meet federal guidelines and the OUSD Wellness Policy. All food items must be store-bought, no "homemade" items are allowed.     

OUSD Wellness Policy - Guidelines

  • The following information is taken directly from our OUSD Wellness Policy.

    The entirety of the document can be accessed here.



    a. The Nutrition Services Director will have the responsibility and authority to oversee and approve all food and
    beverages to be served to the students, by any entity, starting at midnight and up to one half hour after the school
    day to ensure food safety and to maximize the schools' ability to serve healthy and appealing meals.

    b. The Nutrition Services Director will have the responsibility and authority to oversee and approve the
    nutritious snack required in state and federally funded before-school and after-school programs.

    c. The Nutrition Services Director will provide a menu for classroom parties. All parents and teachers are
    encouraged to serve food items from this menu. Foods of minimum nutritional value are not allowed to be
    served during the school day by parents or teachers in the classroom. Any food to be served that is not from
    existing menus must be purchased from the approved, state-certified sources provided by the Director of
    Nutrition Services. This ensures food safety and maximizes the ability of the Nutrition Services Director to
    oversee that healthy and appealing meals are served in accordance with federal nutrition standards (Smart
    Snacks in School) and the CDE's Competitive Food and Beverage nutrition standards, and Nutrition Services