• Absence/Illness/Tardy


    Classes begin at 8:55. Habitual tardiness may result in Wednesday

    school or an attendance review hearing.  Students who arrive late for

    school must check in at the office before going to class.


    Be sure to call our Attendance Hotline  760-901-8500 then press option 2 


    each day that your child is absent.  Absences must be called in within

    to excuse absences within 5 days of the absence. If a student is out ill 5 consecutive days or

    more, a note from the doctor is required.  Parents of students with

    poor or marginal attendance are contacted through letters, home visits

    and/or school appointments.  When these efforts are not successful in

    improving attendance, the student will be referred to the District

    School Attendance Review Board (SARB).  This is a District directive. 

    An absence is considered “excused” only for illness or medical

    appointment of the child, or death in the immediate family.  Personal

    family business is considered an unexcused absence. 


    INDEPENDENT STUDY CONTRACTS (Absences of 5 or more days)

    The State of California has made a major change in attendance

    accounting with school districts, in that the school will now lose

    state funds for each and every day that a child is absent, regardless

    of the reason, unless an INDEPENDENT STUDY CONTRACT is submitted.  This

    means that the student completes schoolwork at home (or out of town),

    for the time that is missed.  If your child is very ill and cannot

    possibly complete the work, Independent Study would not be possible;

    but if your child is able to do school work while recuperating at home

    from an illness, or if you must take your child out for 5 or more days

    for personal family business, we will ask that you pick up homework and

    complete an Independent Study Contract at least 1 week prior to the

    absence.  Absences covered by an Independent Study Contract are

    considered to be excused.  Please meet with the principal prior to requesting independent study.